I Have Been Thinking – March 6 2019

I have been thinking of the difference between water      and the waves on it. Rising, water’s still water,       falling back,            it is water, will you give me a hint      how to tell them apart?        Because someone has made up the word            wave, do I have to distinguish it from water?        There is a SecretContinue reading

I Am of the Nature of – March 4 2019

I am of the nature of Absolute Existence, Absolute Consciousness, and Absolute Bliss. Shri Shankaracharya, Nirvana Shatakam   Adi Shankara, the teacher who reinvigorated the study of the Veda in India in the early 9th Century, did something that had never been done before. He brought the teachings of the Veda to the common people,Continue reading

Thou Art That – March 3 2019

I don’t think mystics are set apart from ordinary people. they are just better quantum navigators. They journey into the transition zone closer to God, and while we might visit there for a few moments of joy, at most a few days, saints and mystics have found the secret of remaining there far longer. InsteadContinue reading