Three Necessary Things – November 6 2018

Yoga, meditation, all these things–they only aim at bringing the natural situation of life to conscious awareness. Much superior to yoga is considered knowledge. To know that thing… Knowledge, or gyana. Knowledge is held highest because it brings to conscious awareness the situation that already exists in life.   Knowledge of loss or gain. Actual lossContinue reading

God Is – November 5 2018

Sai Baba of Shirdi would say ‘Allah Malik Hai,’ or ‘Ram, Ram’ when people went to him with their problems. No one could say whether he was a Muslim, Hindu, or a Christian. His basic message was to unite, to bring people together, because Allah and Ram to Him were the same, though we call GodContinue reading

Maya – October 31 2018

The immanent world is not maya; not even the ego is maya. The real maya is the separateness. Feeling and thinking that we are really separate from the whole is the illusion. Amit Goswami, Ph.D., The Self-Aware Universe   There is a Sanskrit term, maya, that usually is translated as ‘illusion,’ and is used to describe theContinue reading