Monday September 16 at The Victory Theatre in Burbank – tickets here.
Tuesday September 17 at The Philosophical Research Society in Los Feliz – tickets here.

Sri M is a spiritual guide, social reformer, and an educationist. At the age of nineteen and a half, following the irresistible urge to go to the Himalayas, he left home in Trivandrum and traveled north. He met his master, Maheshwarnath Babaji, in the Himalayas and lived with him for three and a half years, wandering the length and breadth of the snowclad region, and learning from his master.

Back in the plains, he, as instructed by his Master, lived a normal life, working for a living, fulfilling his social commitments and at the same time preparing himself to teach all that he had learned from his master. Upon receiving the go-ahead from his Master, he entered the teaching phase of his life. Today, he travels all over the world to share his experiences and knowledge. He is the author of several books such as Jewel in the Lotus, Wisdom of the Rishis, his autobiography titled Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master and most recently his novel, Shunya, to name a few.