Life Itself is a Miracle – October 1 2020

Life Itself is a Miracle – October 1 2020

If you look at life, it’s in itself a miracle. You don’t need any external miracles.

Sri M


When I first learned this transcending meditation, I had the need to be fixed. To be relieved of the discomfort and pain I felt, and somehow to be made whole. ‘Whole’ because I felt that I was somehow broken. That’s the sense I had made of my childhood and its messages, of the degraded and degrading experiences of my wasted youth, of my unfavorable comparison (in my own mind) to nearly everyone else, and of the way it felt to be me.


Meditation didn’t fix me. It did, however, allow me to settle into that place within where I know I am perfect, pure, whole and complete. The place that belies the idea that I have ever been broken by anything I have done, or anything that has been done to me.


Identified as the small self, the ego – our thoughts, feelings, opinions, fears, resentments, history – we will never feel whole. We will never feel healed. We will continue to feel ourselves coming up short.


But even touching upon the transcendent place within, we begin to know the truth of ourselves: that we are not broken, have never been broken, cannot be broken. And that we are at one with the perfection that is life itself.


Today I will take the time to go beyond the mind and settle into the stillness within. And when the ego tells me some story of my brokenness and separateness, I will step out of thinking and get present to the miracle of life itself.

Cactus, bricks, orange tree and prayer flags, tintype, Studio City, CA