Like a Wave on the Ocean – July 22 2019

Like a Wave on the Ocean – July 22 2019

Love says, ‘I am everything.’ Wisdom says, ‘I am nothing.’ Between these two my life flows.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Who am I? Am I this body? These thoughts? This packet of desires? 

Am I the religion I practice? The money I make? The gender I am? The opinions I have about life, about you, about myself, about anything? 

Am I the opinions you have about me?

The Veda says that I am the whole of nature having an individual experience. 

Like a wave on the ocean. There is no point at which ocean ceases being ocean and becomes wave. The wave is absolutely, completely ocean – curved ocean. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Like this, I am nature. All else that I am – the thoughts, the feelings, the opinions – is something to be set aside in order to experience the truth of what I am. The nature that I am. 

Twice each day we sit in meditation and de-excite this wave function that we are in order to feel the oceanic Self that we are. We align ourselves with nature. And as we do so, more and more we become the expression of nature we are meant to be.

Today I will remind myself that I am something more than my thoughts, my feelings and my opinions. I will ask of myself: who is it that experiences these things?

Sunset, El Matador State Beach, Malibu, CA