Listening for the Voice of Spirit – June 11 2019

Listening for the Voice of Spirit – June 11 2019

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.

C.S. Lewis

We have a choice at any moment – two ways to approach any new situation. 

The first is the way of the animal nature – the ego – which has as its primary directive

  1. Survival – the need to keep itself alive. Food, shelter, power; and once that is accomplished,
  2. Survival of the species – the need to procreate; and then the desire to seek
  3. Comfort – when survival seems assured, at least for the moment.

This is what our animal nature is concerned with, and it communicates its concerns to us through the voice of the ego.

The second choice we have is the way of spirit, of consciousness, what some call the Higher Self. The primary directive of Spirit is to evolve itself, to grow, always, never seeking an end result but rather always seeking the process of expansion. (Indeed, the Sanskrit name for the whole of spirit, Brahman, comes from the root, Brh, which means ‘to expand.’)

At each moment we have the choice to follow the one or the other – the ego-mind telling us to stay small and contained, i.e. safe; and the still, small voice of Spirit telling us to grow.

Even at those times the voice of the ego is so loud it drowns out this other voice, we can remind ourselves it is there. We can remind ourselves that Spirit is the truth of what we are, and we can step into the unknown of the next moment with a sense of adventure and expansion, rather than the fight, flight or freeze of the ego.

Today I will listen within for something other than the voice of fear, and I will step into life knowing that life itself will be there to support me.

Cultural Exchange, Train Station, Uttarakhand, India