Live Your Life Like a Prayer – May 22 2019

Live Your Life Like a Prayer – May 22 2019

Live your life like a prayer.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

To live your life like a prayer does not mean to be pious. It does not mean to try to be perfect. It means to be in communication with life, to be a part of the flow of love that as humans is our birthright and our responsibility. 

The equation is this: we open ourselves to the love of the Divine on the one hand, and on the other hand, open ourselves to the expression of that love in the world.

Every time we step into a potentially challenging situation with a friend, a lover, a son or daughter, a parent, a co-worker, an employer, an employee, we ask for strength, support and guidance from this place within, and then insist on offering as much love, compassion and non-judgmentalness as we can to this other human in front of us. We ask what we may bring to the interaction, rather than what we can take. We ask for grace that we might come from the heart, rather than from the intellect.

And when we are on our own, to remember that the world is alive with the Divine in each moment and each molecule; that there is only one thing, and this one thing is the very stuff of God–in the sidewalk beneath my feet and the way the breeze brushes the leaves above my head; in the smell of the winter air and the quality of the light changing moment to moment throughout the day–and that this world that is God and each part of it is as alive to me as I am to It.

To live your life like a prayer means to be in the conversation of life in each moment, rather than in the ever-repeating speculation of our self-centered ego mind. It means to choose again and again to connect within, and then to express without.

Today I will remember to live my life like a prayer. I will enter a potentially challenging situation knowing that God is within me, God is within this other person and God is within the air and the energy between us. I will ask for guidance from something other than my thinking, and I will be open to expressing love.

Morning Prayer, Ganges River, Dasaswamedh Ghat, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India