Love is a Quality of Divinity – July 7 2019

Love is a Quality of Divinity – July 7 2019

Love is a quality of Divinity and as such illuminates the Essence and therefore the lovability of others… the relinquishing of judgmentalism greatly increases the capacity of Love, as does surrendering the wanting of anything from others. Thus people are not perceived according to what they have or do but by appreciation for what they are or have become.

Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D, from

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment

Identified as the ego, we stand in judgment, always. Judgment of others, as well as judgment of our self. This is why it’s called the relative world: because everything is seen in relation to something else; and when we are identified as our relative world self, by definition we are comparing constantly. This car is better than that car, you are better than me, I am better than that, we are better than them.

From this identification, love is not possible. What we call love from this place is really need. The need to be loved, the need to be seen or recognized, the need to find safe harbor. This isn’t wrong. It is simply human. But it is incomplete.

When we make the effort to know ourselves as other than the ego, we are doing the work of loving. We are aligning ourselves with Divinity and making ourselves available to Love. When we meditate, we drop into this place that is beneath or beyond thought, and we begin to know what we are that is other than judgment. We begin to know the essence of ourselves; and from there it becomes possible to know others as the essence of what they are as well.

Essence knowing essence, Self recognizing Self. Love given, love received. This is the work of a lifetime, the work of being a human: each day to let go a bit more of judgment and separation and grow a bit more in our ability to love, our ability to know the Divine in ourselves and in everyone around us. 

Today when I find myself in judgment–of myself or of someone else–I will make the effort to step out of my thinking and into Being. I will give someone a pass for being human. I will let myself off the hook for being less than perfect. I will ask something greater than myself for the grace to be loving and kind to my fellows.

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