Love or Fear – May 13 2019

Love or Fear – May 13 2019

The first chapter of Bhagavad Gita is ‘Arjuna Vishada Yoga’ – it begins with the sorrow of Arjuna. This is an important thing to understand. One will not turn around and try to find the truth behind the appearances unless sorrow comes about in some form. Otherwise, one would remain satisfied with the little lollipops offered. One would suck them and sit satisfied for one’s entire life. But the Supreme Reality does not allow this to happen and, therefore, it manifests sorrow. When sorrow comes, one doesn’t run away from sorrow.

Sri M

It is said by some that, if we didn’t have this world, exactly as it is, with all its sorrows and challenges, we would have to build another just like it in order to accomplish what it is we are here to accomplish. And what is that? It is to know that we are spirit having a human experience; and then, knowing this, to grow in our identification as spirit until we know it absolutely.

To know ourselves as spirit is to see each challenge of every day as opportunity to move in the direction of the oneness of spirit, rather than the separation of ego. To find our way to move forward in love and the faith that evolution is all that is happening, rather than backward in fear and trepidation of what we might lose or not gain.

Spirit is love, ego is fear. Oneness of all that is – this is the truth of our universe, and we are here to embody this truth in everything we do.

Today, when I am beset by longing, by fear and trepidation, by anguish, and my thoughts move in the direction of whose fault it is, mine or some other, I will take a moment to close my eyes and ask guidance from spirit within of how I might move in the direction of love. Then I will step back into the world and love.

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