Maybe All This – September 16 2020

Maybe All This – September 16 2020

Give up all ideas about yourself and simply be.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


The Veda tells us again and again that all things in this world will work themselves out, with or without our help.


This is not to say that we should ignore the relative world. On the contrary, we’re meant to be fully present for all of it. But we’re also meant relax and enjoy, to ‘wear life as a loose garment’ rather than to get locked into some deathly earnest idea of why we are here. 


Finding a sense of play when the whole world seems to be falling apart can be a challenge.


The poet, Wislawa Szymborska, had a wonderful sense of fun and irony in her descriptions of the world, at least some of which hint toward a world view of something higher than our small self and its concerns, but that is still very much moment to moment in this relative world.


Maybe All This

a poem by Wislawa Szymborska


Maybe all this

is happening in some lab?

Under one lamp by day

and billions by night?


Maybe we’re experimental generations?

Poured from one vial to the next,

shaken in test tubes,

not scrutinized by eyes alone,

each of us separately

plucked up by tweezers in the end?


Or maybe it’s more like this:

No interference?

The changes occur on their own

according to plan?

The graph’s needle slowly etches

its predictable zigzags?


Maybe thus far we aren’t of much interest?

The control monitors aren’t usually plugged in?

Only for wars, preferably large ones,

for the odd ascent above our clump of Earth,

for major migrations from point A to B?


Maybe just the opposite:

They’ve got a taste for trivia up there?

Look! on the big screen a little girl

is sewing a button on her sleeve.

The radar shrieks,

the staff comes at a run.

What a darling little being

with its tiny heart beating inside it!

How sweet, its solemn

threading of the needle!

Someone cries enraptured:

Get the Boss,

tell him he’s got to see this for himself!




Today I will ask of the universe, of nature, of my Higher Self, for help in seeing myself as some loving God may see me: with love, compassion, wonder and appreciation.

Tulip, tintype, Studio City CA