Meditate – June 23 2020

Meditate – June 23 2020

With his being deep in peace,

freed from fear, settled in the

vow of chastity, with mind subdued

and thought given over to Me, let 

him sit united realizing Me as the


Bhagavad – Gita, Chapter VI, verse 14


With his being deep in peace’ means that the mind is set on the path of increasing charm, bringing greater contentment at every step and filling one’s being with ever deeper silence and peace…


‘Freed from fear’: on the path of increasing happiness during meditation there is no chance of fear. The Upanishads declare that fear comes with the sense of duality. Freed from fear means freed from the field of duality.’

translation and commentary by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Meditation is the most powerful tool available for spiritual growth. Reading inspirational literature, sitting with enlightened masters, chanting hymns of praise to your version of God, prayer – all of these are valuable. But in order for true transformation to occur, meditation is essential.


The oldest reference to the practice of transcendent meditation is in the Bhagavad Gita, written some 5,ooo years ago. This is the story of Krishna’s instructions to Arjuna on the field of battle just before the Mahabharata War. Krishna’s message is this: if you are grounded in the transcendent, your life and your actions will be true. Krishna then teaches his student (and cousin), Arjuna, how to meditate.


The paragraphs above are only a small portion of the line by line explanation offered by the great teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. His line by line commentary is a rich resource for any who meditate.


My own experience has shown me this: there is a place within that is beyond everything that seems ‘wrong’ with me, and where I may experience myself as whole. This place is closer to me than my heart. It is available to me at any time. It calls me back to itself always; and when I go to it, it holds me like no lover/mother/sister/brother ever has or ever could. It is almost absurdly simple to go to this place of transcendence, requiring only that I have been shown the path – given a mantra and instruction on how to use the mantra – and that I bring myself to the chair twice a day in order to practice what I have been given.


It is a priceless gift from the Divine. All I need do is accept it.


Today I will meditate twice, morning and evening, letting something other than my small self/ego be in charge, and offering myself the opportunity to experience the Truth of my Being.

Elizabeth, meditating, 2 5×7 tintypes