“The purpose and intention of God for His creation is fulfilled by the mere status of an Initiator.

He is an agent of the Almighty, a sweet child of Mother Nature, the pride of angels and gods.

The Initiator infuses life into the field of death, an ability he attributes to the Holy Tradition.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


We are excited to announce our 2019-2020 course of Initiator Training, beginning the first week of February. This 18-month course will be supremely challenging and deeply rewarding on many levels. Teachers of meditation in our tradition all must meet exacting standards before they are allowed to teach. Through intensive meditation and advanced techniques to cleanse the body of stresses, and extensive study of ancient Vedic knowledge, one who has graduated to the position of Initiator is perfectly suited to be of service in the world and to pass on this priceless technique to a new generation of meditators.

If the idea of becoming a teacher has ever occurred to you, if the idea of studying the Veda (and yourself) in depth appeals to you, write me for more information and, perhaps, an application form. The qualities of the people who have already applied guarantee that this will be a rich and powerful experience for all.

If you are interested, please listen to the talk below and, if further interested, email Jeff at: jkober@mac.com, with subject line: IT 2019

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