Learn Vedic Rounding

Join us on Thursday, April 2 at 5 p.m. PDT for an online Vedic Rounding workshop. 

Rounding is a series of light yoga poses or asanas followed by pranayama, a simple breathing technique used to enhance one’s experience of meditation. Rounding promotes the release of deeply held stresses. It’s easy to learn and anyone can do it regardless of their fitness level. 

During this one-hour session, participants will be shown the process step by step and then guided through a practice of the whole sequence. 

The cost is $25 with a portion of the proceeds going to Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Every $1 donated distributes enough food for 4 meals to hungry children, seniors and families.

Prerequisite for this class is to have learned Vedic Meditation (or Transcendental Meditation).

Write to Diana Charkalis at dcharkalis@gmail.com for more information.