Once You are a Yogi… – June 22 2020

Once You are a Yogi… – June 22 2020

[O]nce you are a yogi, nothing bad can ever happen to you again because there is nothing that you cannot use for your ultimate growth. Even in hell a yogi can be happy. If you are happy, there is no such thing as hell.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, from

Midnights with the Mystic,

co-written with Cheryl Simone


A yogi is someone who practices yoga. Though in the West the word yoga is used almost exclusively in reference to hatha yoga, the system of physical postures, or asanas, ‘yoga’ actually refers to an entire spectrum of practices, disciplines or studies, all of which are meant to bring the individual into contact with the universal. Yoga is the way by which the self – individuality – seeks union with the Self – Totality or Supreme Reality. 


Meditation, worship, study of spiritual writings, loving and praising the Divine, and of course the practice of asanas – all these are ways we might seek the experience of union. If you engage in any of these practices on a regular basis as a way to find this union for yourself, then you could think of yourself as a yogi.


And as is stated above, if you are a yogi, nothing bad can ever happen to you again.


Which is nice.


Today I will look at any ‘problem’ in my life as an opportunity to find my way closer to God.

Morning Yoga, Dashashwamedha Ghat, Ganges, Varanasi, India