Oneness is the Truth of What We Are – December 10 2019

Oneness is the Truth of What We Are – December 10 2019

Jeff, people look at me, they see an old man. They don’t see my two tours in Vietnam, fighting for their freedom to sit down and eat in here. They don’t see my 40 years sober. They don’t see my wife and my 14 year-old girl killed by a drunk driver two days ago. They see an old man with no teeth and they just walk on by.

Robert, at McCormick’s Café, Billings, Montana

The Veda tells us there is only one thing; that we are that one thing; that God is that one thing. Everything that appears separate is just that – an appearance. The Truth of everything, behind that appearance of separation, is Oneness.

In meditation we settle into an experience of this Oneness, there beyond the thoughts and feelings of separation and loneliness and neediness. We rest there, in the truth of our Being. We begin to experience the peace and joy and love that is the nature of life itself, that is the essence of Oneness.

Outside of meditation we want to remind ourselves of this Truth of life as well. We want to become present to what is. Remind ourselves of this Truth in order to be open to experience the Oneness not just in meditation, but eyes open. Experience the Oneness with our surroundings, with nature and with our fellow man – for if I am this one thing, then you are this one thing as well; and if I am ignoring you in order to pay attention to my thoughts, my worries, my sorrows, my grievances or my iPhone, then I am going to miss the experience that God (who is also this Oneness) is offering me through you and with you. I am going to miss the fullness of my heart swelling as I really listen to your story. I am going to miss the shared moment of our mutual humanity, the shared love and compassion that is too powerful to be denied, that makes clear in its simplicity and silence the blessed Truth of our Oneness.

That fills me with the stuff of Life Itself and sends me out into the day changed for the better and open for more.

Today I will look into the eyes of my fellows for evidence of our Oneness. I will look past all apparent differences for the Truth that is in you that is also the Truth that is in me.

’38 Dodge, tintype, Linger Farm, Molt, MT