Pay Attention To What Is – December 30 2019

Pay Attention To What Is – December 30 2019

The Vedic seers say, “Have your attention on what is and see its fullness in every moment. The presence of God is everywhere. You have only to consciously embrace it with your attention.”

Deepak Chopra,

Creating Affluence 

Everything in the universe is structured out of energy and information. Including you and me. The energy is of God, of the universe. It is the very stuff of which the universe is made. That which can neither be created nor destroyed. The energy simply IS.

The information is supplied by us. From our mind. It is the picture I have of reality, most especially of myself in this reality. My experience then is an out-picturing of this energy, shaped by my ideas. If I have ideas of myself as less-than, as unhappy or unworthy–of life, of love, of happiness–then this is the experience I will structure for myself. 

The universe is waiting for a cue from me: what kind of universe do you want me to be? What kind of experience do you want to have? . 

The thoughts of our today are the building blocks of our tomorrow.

We start wherever we can, from wherever we are. We don’t jump from “I’m a worthless so-and-so,” to “I’m the king of the world.” We look around and find one thing to be grateful for. Like breathing. Like the ability to smile. Like having the eyes to read this writing, the computer or paper to read it on, the time to sit and take a moment to improve the quality of your life, the mind to comprehend what you’ve read, the freedom to hit ‘Delete’ or ‘Forward,’ the freedom to laugh or to cry, the freedom to choose to embrace the day or to wait for the doom that’s sure to come if our speculating mind has its way.

Today I will notice my thoughts and actively engage in what they are saying. I will choose to pay attention to what is right in my world, letting what is ‘wrong’ in my world, or in other people, take care of itself.

Boatmen, Ganges River, Allahabad, India