Proof of God – December 15 2020

Proof of God – December 15 2020

We must believe in God before we know Him.

Sri Aurobindo


God can never be proven. Proof is of the mind, and God must by definition be infinite. That which is infinite can never be encompassed by our limited mind. Can never be ‘understood.’


We must believe before we know. We must have an expectation in order to perceive. This is the nature of the universe. To demand proof misses the point. If I am looking for proof, I am locked in my mind, constantly comparing what is to what it would be if it were to be proof.


Transcend the mind. Open to an experience that cannot be grasped by thinking. Begin to imagine that there is a Truth underlying all that we might see in our relative world; that this Truth is a oneness that encompasses all that is, and beyond; open yourself to seeing evidence that God exists, rather than proof that She does or does not; know that this evidence is available here and now, in this very moment, if only we look for it.


Today I will open myself to notice evidence of God’s presence in my world, rather than proof that God exists or does not.