Radiant is the Self – May 30 2020

Radiant is the Self – May 30 2020

The Self is everywhere. Radiant is the Self.

Indivisible, untouched by sin or evil, wise,

In all things and beyond all things.

He it is who holds the cosmos together. 

Isha Upanishad


The Veda tells the story of a Golden Age when consciousness was full and all were born enlightened. 


For eons before, man had worked toward this time, had worked toward the full experience of life. Meditation, study, correction of the intellect. An insistence on finding the “something more” that each knew was available, somewhere. And with that insistence came success. Self-awareness, self-knowledge, discovery of the truth within. 


As more and more people discovered this truth for themselves, and knew this truth to be within each and every other, consciousness expanded. The more that people knew the oneness within, the more they were able to see it in others as well, and the more they were able to pass it on. Neighbor affected neighbor, mother affected daughter. Consciousness, the one thing, was seen clearly by person after person, and was purified by this seeing, and the whole became more whole, the oneness became more wholly one (of course not really, but it seemed so); and when 1% of the people were enlightened–saw the truth, felt the truth, experienced the truth–it began to spread like wildfire. Suddenly it was one person in every ten that knew the oneness within themselves, and then it was like water flowing into a long-dry lakebed–no place could remain dry for long, and those places that did, that tried to be islands and hold themselves away from the flood of consciousness, finally those places, too, were drowned in the oneness of consciousness and bliss, and then people wondered at their long resistance, at their willful ignorance and their insistence on making life hard for themselves and for the people around them when the truth was so simple and so simply accepted. 


And a Golden Age was born. An age when enlightenment was one’s birthright and struggle a thing of the past. Bliss, happiness, and unity was the order of the day. Suffering ceased to exist. Babies were born enlightened, born knowing the Truth of life. Generation after generation were born with the sun of consciousness bright within them and undeniable.


Then one day a child was born in which the light was hidden. It was there, but it was hidden behind false darkness and wrong ideas as it had been with their long-ago ancestors, but no one knew how to help anymore. The tools of meditation and study had been put away for so long they’d been lost. And slowly, then not so slowly, the Golden Age became a dark age and again, man had to make sense of suffering, had to make peace, somehow, with death and despair, and all felt lost. Until someone, finally, insisted that there had to be more. She, or he, demanded from nature to be shown once again the way to truth. Nature responded to this demand from itself, and the practice of meditation and study once again was found, and little pockets and pools of light began to shine in the vast darkness of the planet, lending hope, at last, to those with the eyes and the need to see.


This is where we find ourselves.


Today I will practice my meditation, knowing it is my responsibility to shine my light into the darkness, and to insist on seeing that light within my fellows.

Echo Park Lake, May 2020, LA CA