Reaching from the Darkness to the Light – November 14 2019

Reaching from the Darkness to the Light – November 14 2019

…the question is whether the Ignorance can be transcended, whether a complete essential realisation turning the consciousness from darkness to light, from an instrument of the Ignorance seeking for Knowledge into an instrument or rather a manifestation of Knowledge proceeding to greater Knowledge, Light enlarging, heightening into greater Light, is or is not possible. My view is that this conversion is not only possible, but inevitable in the spiritual evolution of the being here.

Sri Aurobindo, in a letter to Nirodbaran, 7-7-1936,

Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo

I came to spiritual seeking out of necessity and a sense of desperation. I felt like I was drowning in a darkness of grief and shame and worthlessness, and there was nothing in the world I knew that had helped. Maybe in this other world, the world of spirit that I had imagined but never really encountered wholly for myself.

Sri Aurobindo was the first teacher who reached me in my despair and whose voice I could understand and follow. I went to India my first time to study his work more deeply.

Sri Aurobindo recognized that consciousness reaches from out of the darkness for the light, from the Ignorance for Knowledge, and that inevitably, the darkness becomes the Light and continues to expand for its own sake, for the sheer need and joy of consciousness to evolve itself. From this perspective, the darkness can be seen as a gift. If I hadn’t needed spiritual connection to the extent I did, would I ever have committed to the kind of daily work I have found it necessary to engage in to find and to grow this connection?

Each moment of overwhelming feeling that we may experience in this body and in this world can trigger a mental story that tells me I am not worthy of life, or that the world and its problems are not worth slogging through; and each of these moments is an opportunity to turn once again toward the light, no matter how hopeless it may feel that things will ever change. When we do this again and again and again, the light in us begins to reach out for itself, simply because that is what light does.

In the end, we are here for this journey of consciousness through us as individuality. From the darkness to the light. In the infinite scheme of things, the process is already complete. The Light has conquered the Darkness absolutely. To remind ourselves of this might make it easier to choose once more, today, to stay around for the joy of the journey.

Today I will remember that Light is the truth of me, and that whatever darkness I might be feeling is a passing experience. I will open to feeling the Light within myself, and to seeing it reflected in you.

Lotus, Echo Park Lake, Los Angeles