Relationship as Spiritual Practice – April 14 2019

Relationship as Spiritual Practice – April 14 2019

All things spiritual boil down to your relationships in day-to-day life. Otherwise, we can just sit at home and meditate for hours, and be the same person when we come out. It does not work.

Sri M

In other words: be nice.

We meditate in order to experience the purity of consciousness within ourselves. To find that place transcendent of thought that is the truth of ourselves, that is the truth of life, itself. If consciousness is all there is, as the Veda states, then everything and everyone outside ourselves must, indeed, be consciousness as well. Our work outside of meditation is to recognize this truth to the extent we can. To treat others as if they were as precious as our deepest Self. Because in fact, they are.

Today I will step out of my judgmental mind in order more easily to be able see those around me as the precious expressions of life they must be, in spite of how much they might be doing to convince me otherwise.