Relax and Enjoy – July 24 2020

Relax and Enjoy – July 24 2020

If we really understand what the universe is about, we need never fear letting go of anything.


We live in an infinite universe that continually is evolving. This is all that nature knows how to do: evolve. 


We are nature. As individual expressions of nature, this is all we truly know how to do. Evolve. No matter that it might seem to be something else, evolution is all that is happening, ever. Progressive change. 


Evolution, for we humans, means becoming more and more what we truly are, which it turns out is to know ourselves as expressions of the Divine, as expressions of love.


In an infinite universe this is going to happen eventually, whether we want it to or not. 


We’re all headed to the same place: to enlightenment. To the pure and free expression of life and love that we are. It is inevitable. And in this infinite universe, the difference in timing between when a saint arrives or when a sinner arrives at this place is less than the snap of a finger. 


The only question for us is: how much do we want to enjoy the ride?


Today, I will relax and enjoy. I will let myself love and be loved. I will take it easy and remind myself that, regardless of feelings or appearances, all is right with the world and with me in it.

Bud Powell and Buddha, backyard, Studio City, CA