Sachchidananda –Existence, Consciousness, Bliss – January 22 2020

Sachchidananda –Existence, Consciousness, Bliss – January 22 2020

He is the sun dwelling in the bright heavens. He is the air dwelling in the interspace. He is the fire dwelling on earth. He is the guest dwelling in the house. He dwells in men, in the gods, in truth, in the sky. He is born in the water, on earth, in the sacrifice, on the mountains. He is the True and the Great.

Katha Upanishad, II. ii. 2

translated by Swami Nikhilananda

Totality is, by definition, everything: the relative world – this world of the mind and the body – and the place of pure Being – Spirit – that which underlies everything.

The Sanskrit word for Totality is Brahman.

The nature of Brahman is Sachchidananda.

Sat=pure existence

Chit=pure consciousness

Anandam=pure bliss

These qualities are the nature of Totality.

By definition, nothing is outside of Totality. I am Totality. You are Totality. All This is Totality. All This is Brahman.

If you and I are Totality, then our nature is Sachchidananda–pure existence, pure consciousness, pure bliss. as humans, this is not generally our experience. There are thoughts, opinions, feelings and beliefs we have that cover this truth of our nature.

This is good news.

If my nature is Sachchidananda, and I can’t experience simply because I have let it to be covered up, then all I need to do is uncover what is already here. I don’t need to go looking for anything. I don’t need to discover anything new. I simply have to cease ignoring what is already here and insist on knowing myself as something other than the things I have used to cover the Truth. Insist on knowing myself as other than my thinking.

There is a sweet approach to this that is easily remembered.

It is based on Psalm 46:10:

Be still and know that I am God

Be still and know that I am

Be still and know that I

Be still and know that

Be still and know

Be still


Today, when I find myself with thoughts, feelings or opinions that seem to indicate a world that does not welcome me or a self that is unworthy of love, I will insist on knowing myself as something other than these thoughts. I will insist on feeling myself to be that place of pure existence, consciousness and bliss that is the truth of my Being.

HImalayas, Uttaraikhand, India