Sadhana – November 19 2019

Sadhana – November 19 2019

Spiritual commitment is energized by the alignment of the spiritual will with the attributes of Divinity, which are truth, love, compassion wisdom and nonpartiality. Devotion prioritizes one’s life and attracts that which is of assistance. To be a servant of God is a dedication whereby the goal takes precedence over all other positionalities, attractions, or distractions. […] Devotion also expresses as selfless service whereby peeling the potatoes is no longer a chore but an act of love because it has been sanctified by intention. Eventually all action is dedicated as an act of worship.

David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D,

Discovery of the Presence of God

Twice daily we pause for our 20 minutes and we meditate, connecting more deeply with our innermost self.

Then we have the rest of our day. How can we use those hours to help grow ourselves?

Our tradition suggests we use our experiences can be used to help us see ourselves more and more as God sees us. We correct our intellect to be able to recognize ourselves as pure, full and perfect expressions of nature itself.

There is a Sanskrit term, sadhana, which is translated by B.K.S. Iyengar in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as ‘a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal,’ and generally refers to any practice used to move toward the goal of union with the Divine. Our meditation would be seen as one form or type of sadhana, as would certain types of yoga, breathing exercises or pranayama. Singing, chanting, praying; selfless service for a teacher or a yoga studio or in an ashram. Working in a soup kitchen. All of these may be seen as forms of sadhana.

The great Vedic teacher and master Sri Aurobindo said that ‘All life is yoga,’ meaning that all aspects of one’s life, not just these specific practices, can be used toward the end of achieving union, yoga, with the Divine.

The Mother, Sri Aurobindo’s partner in teaching, in answer to a question about this same subject, states further:

‘We do not distinguish between life and sadhana… In our yoga, there must be a continuous life activity, serving as a channel of sacrifice, self-consecration to God; things like meditation and prayer have their own timings. The sadhana goes on all the time. Sadhana does not consist only in meditation or asanas(postures)Sadhana is in the culturing of one’s consciousness, right from head to toe Godward, utilising each occasion to let the consciousness growing towards God express itself in our day-to-day movements, transforming the entire life into a rhythm of God.’


Under the Mother’s Banner

by M.P. Pandit

All that we do, anything we do, may be used to bring us closer to God. All it takes from me is to set this as my intention and to remember, whenever it occurs to me, that I am doing this thing, whatever it may be, as an act of love.

Today I will remember at least once at the beginning of the day, and again at the end of the day, to dedicate all of my self and my actions toward the goal of wholeness. I will set an intention to be of loving service in everything I do.

The Mother as Young Girl, with Daisies, charcoal drawing, Studio City CA