Samadhi – August 11 2019

Samadhi – August 11 2019

It is the concept of many people that samadhi [non-dualistic state of consciousness] is something to be attained, something to be gained; that something new will happen to us. What is samadhi actually? There are three words: sam, a, dhi. Sam means ‘completely’, dhi means ‘consciousness’–you are completely in your own pure conscious state, that is all. Nothing happens. That is our true state…

Or, expressed in another way: samadhi means samyak adhiyate, [which means] you attain to yourself, you come home. 

Swami Sarvagatananda, Meditation as Spiritual Culmination

The great teachers of the ages have all said the same thing:

  • What you are looking for is what you are looking with. 
  • To find the Truth, we simply need remove that which is not the Truth. 
  • All of us already are perfect, whole and complete, but we continue to make the mistake of identifying with an idea of self that is other than our perfection.

There is nothing we need do. We simply need to Be. Be the bliss, the Truth of our nature, 24/7. We practice this every time we sit to meditate. Now, let’s practice it outside of meditation. Practice not worrying, practice happiness, practice peace, comfort and ease. Practice not speculating. Practice being present. Practice smiling. Practice seeing everything as exactly as it needs to be now, in this moment, and seeing ourselves along with it as exactly who and what we need to be. 

Practice living in the world, rather than in our thoughts about the world. Practice being exactly what God designed us to be: perfect, whole, complete and able to love, even in spite of all our seeming shortcomings.

Practice coming home.

Today I will assume this identity of joy and peace and I will offer this joy and peace to everyone I meet–sometimes as a silent blessing within, and sometimes out loud, showing those I love how much they mean to me; and I will let no one convince me I am wrong in doing so.

Lotus, Echo Park Lake, LA CA