Same Ingredients, Different Shape and Size – December 24 2019

Same Ingredients, Different Shape and Size – December 24 2019

(One more from my time in India with Sri M and the participants on his Walk of Hope.)

No one wants violence. If there is violence somewhere, know that religion has been corrupted…

…Look at what has been said in the Vedas – Sarve bhavantu sukhinah – let there be peace in the whole world, no one should be made to suffer. In Jain Dharma, it has been said, Ahimsa Paramo Dharma – non-violence is the greatest religion. In Hinduism, we say after every Satsang, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti – a prayer of peace. 

When two Muslims meet, how do they greet each other? As salam aelekum – may the peace of Allah be upon you…. When a Jew meets a Jew, they say Shalom – it means the same thing: peace. 

They forget that we are all One, that we are all human beings. 

This is my only message. 

Sri M

And here’s the layman’s version:

Sitting at dinner with Geeta and Savita. Savita has a piece of sweet. Flat and brown. She says ‘It tastes like laddu (which is a round ball of decadent goodness).’ 

Geeta says, ‘It’s mohan thal.’ 

Mohan thal?’


Mohan thal and laddu. Same ingredients, different shape and size,’ says Savita, delighted. 

‘Just like you and me!’ Says Jeff. 

‘Ah…’ responds Savita. Long pause. Laughter. ‘Oh, that is good! Just like you and me!’

As are we all. 

Today I will look for what is the same between me and my fellows, rather than what is different. I will look beyond what I don’t understand to find something deeper that I can understand. I will refuse to lend credence to the voice of negativity that chatters in my head at everything unlike me. I will remember that God is in everything, everyone, everywhere, always.

Meditation, Morning Fog, Uttar Pradesh, India