Self-worth – August 17 2020

Self-worth – August 17 2020

Self-worth is not created; it is discovered.

Richard RohrWhat the Mystics Know


Many of us seem to suffer from a sense of low self-worth. We look around and see all that we don’t have. We look within and see thoughts and feelings that speak to us of how we are wrong, or bad, or less than we are supposed to be. We look at our lack of happiness and see those things that, if only we had them, would ensure our happiness.


We come up short. 


And when we do succeed in fulfilling some idea of success, or for a moment filling some hole we feel within, it never gives us the sense of self-worth we imagined it might. As if when we weren’t looking, someone moved the goalposts.


Our outer self will never offer us a stable sense of self-worth. All that we are in this world is changing constantly. No stability there. And our worth in the relative world is always… relative. Am I old? Compared to my puppy, I’m ancient. Compared to my mother-in-law, I’m barely two-thirds of my way through life.


My relative worth will shift depending on what direction I’m looking and what kind of a mood I’m in.


Then there is spirit. The transcendent self of me. 

It is the truth of me because it is that which never changes. 

It is relative to nothing else, because there is nothing else. Because the spirit of me is at one with the spirit of All That Is. 

Its worth is undeniable because it is the worth of Totality. Of the Divine. If value exists, if worthiness is, then there is nothing worth more than what I am in this place of true Self. Than what you are in this place of true Self.


To discover this place is to begin the life we are meant to have.


Today I will let go of the voices of self-judgment and self-recrimination and I will imagine how an infinitely loving mother might see her first-born child. I will take a moment to look through those imagined eyes as if I were that mother, looking at myself as if I were that child, smiling with forbearance and delight at all that is less than perfect about myself and knowing that through the eyes of the infinite, I could not be more perfectly where I am meant to be than right here and right now

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