Service – June 25 2020

Service – June 25 2020

No one can spiritually advance by simply sitting down cross-legged and meditating 24 hours. The moment you begin to see divinity in all living beings and start serving human beings, the mind can begin to purify and reach higher states. Service is an important part of Sadhana…


The person whom you serve is giving you an opportunity to evolve.,,


All beings are divinity in living form. Serving living beings is the best worship you can do. The more you help, the purer you become, and the clearer your mind becomes.


[T]hrough service… the mind becomes purified. Not only do you progress upwards, but you also take along with you, those whom you have served. To me, service is a significant part of one’s spiritual life.

Sri M


We meditate in order to contact that place of pure spirit within. Then the rest of our day is an opportunity to choose to engage with the world from that place, rather than from the place of ego. 


How can we know the difference? Each situation, each interaction with another or a group of others, we can ask, ‘am I looking to get something from this experience? Or can I step into this experience asking what can I offer? Can I be of service here? Can I ask from Higher Self, or God, or spirit, for help to take my attention off of myself and my limiting thoughts and beliefs and put it on my fellows, knowing that spirit wants only to give, wants only to uplift? Even if I maybe can’t feel my connection to spirit, can I assume that it is there inside, waiting only for me to choose to express it? 


Today I will ask what can I give, rather than what do I need to get. I will bring the idea of spirit and its desire to uplift itself in all beings into every interaction I have with my fellows.

Moksha, pensive, wet plate collodion, DTPC, Los Angeles CA