Smile and Radiate – October 27 2019

Smile and Radiate – October 27 2019

That’s what I consider true generosity. You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.

Simone De Beauvoir


What is the best way to deal with those who have an emotionally draining effect on you? Some people have a very energizing effect on me while others seem to just wipe me out totally.

A question from a meditator

Consciousness is only one thing. I am that consciousness, as are you. What each of us brings to the one thing affects everything. And in those close to us, the effect can be profound.

There are those in the world who find themselves so in need of attention and energy that it becomes a matter of life or death. Being with these people might leave us feeling used, even used up. These people aren’t bad, but simply misguided. We call them ‘energy bandits,’ for they will take while giving nothing in return, even gratitude. 

If we find ourselves, time after time, spent, exhausted, tired after having given to another, what can we do? 

The short answer is: don’t let them do that.

It’s not my job to feed others from my energy. Yes, there are those — friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances — whom we have to be around, can’t avoid, perhaps don’t want to avoid. Still, we don’t want to keep being used up. What we can do is: radiate. 

We don’t have to give from our energy. To radiate is to give from the energy of God. Of life itself.

Radiation is from the infinite source within each of us that can never be depleted. From this inner source we literally can fill a room with the light of consciousness. Not only will this keep others from stealing our energy, but it will actually energize us as we are doing it. 

How do we do it? Close your eyes and imagine yourself filled with light. Make it bright as can be. Now squeeze it out from every inch of your being, letting it fill the room around you. As if you were the sun. As if you couldn’t help yourself but to shine.

To radiate is to love. Love is that thing that is multiplied within us when we choose to give it to the world. When we choose to love, then we actually are being blessed by the energy bandit who comes to us in need of attention. In the challenge they set for us, they have shown us the way to growth.

Today I will notice some one who seems to be in need, and I will give of the light that is within me. I will smile and radiate. I will be the being of light that I know myself to be.

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