Something Higher – August 14 2020

Something Higher – August 14 2020

Detachment is a natural process and it happens when you get attached to something higher.  Then attachment to smaller things falls off.

Sri M


It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? If I’m living in attachment to anything worldly – making more money, finding true love, getting her or him to notice me, making the pandemic go away – it means that to some degree I’m at the mercy of the outer world. What’s the answer? To ‘get attached to something higher.’ How do we do that? Meditate, and know that whatever it is we contact in our transcending technique, is by definition ‘higher’ than our experience in the world. Higher than our attachment to things and experiences.


Of course there is much more that can be done, but this is the starting point. This is the one thing that makes all else possible. Meditate.


Today I will meditate, twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes in the evening, and during the time I am not meditating, I will remind myself that there is something higher than all this eyes open experience.

Meditation, fog, somewhere in Uttar Pradesh, India