Spiritual Progress – April 21 2020

Spiritual Progress – April 21 2020

If we are making spiritual progress, don’t judge by how many visions or kind of lights one sees. What we have to look at is how one behaves. Have I become less selfish? Has my world narrowed down or has it expanded? Do I feel bad for the child next door or is it only for my child?

Sri M


Spirit is the truth of what we are. Ego is the smallness of what we are. Spirit wants only to love. Ego trades only in fear. Spiritual work is to know ourselves as the one and not as the other; and at those times when ego seems to be the whole of our experience, to ask how might we behave if it were otherwise – if we were free of fear, free of smallness and constriction. Free to love.


Today, before I step into any situation – post office, grocery store, restaurant, laundromat – I will ask of myself what I might bring to the equation, rather than what I need to get. And if I find it impossible to love in a given moment, I will at least move my attention from the judgment and fear that is living in my thoughts and bring it back to the here and now.

Bud Powell and Pancho, Studio City, CA