Taking Ourselves Seriously – April 13 2019

Taking Ourselves Seriously – April 13 2019

But there come times-perhaps this is one of them –

when we have to take ourselves more seriously or die;

when we have to pull back from the incantations,

rhythms we’ve moved to thoughtlessly,

and disenthrall ourselves, bestow

ourselves to silence, or a deeper listening, cleansed

of oratory, formulas, choruses, laments, static

crowding the wires. We cut the wires,

find ourselves in free-fall, as if

our true home were the undimensional

solitudes, the rift

in the Great Nebula.

No one who survives to speak

new language, has avoided this:

the cutting-away of an old force that held her

rooted to an old ground

the pitch of utter loneliness

where she herself and all creation

seem equally dispersed, weightless, her being a cry

to which no echo comes or can ever come.

from Transcendental Etude by Adrienne Rich

The practice of present moment awareness is not about becoming mindless. Rather, it is about becoming mindful of the patterns of thought, the voices within, that rattle on nearly always – affecting our mood, our life, our point of view on the world – and choosing to listen to something else. To something deeper. And from that place of something deeper, to turn our attention back out into the world bringing the truth of Self to the day to day of life.

What is the truth of Self? It is compassion, love, generosity of spirit, generosity of creativity. It is acceptance – of myself and of others. It is the truth of the oneness of all that is, and my place in it. Taking on the responsibility of being me, the single expression of the perfection of life over which I have dominion.

Today I will ask of the deepest place in me, ‘what is my purpose here?’, and I will ask for guidance from something greater than my mind to guide me to it in the next right action.

Grave Markers, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, Maryland