The Allness of God, the Oneness of Man – March 1 2020

The Allness of God, the Oneness of Man – March 1 2020

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. 

Mahatma Gandhi

We cannot kill our way to peace. We cannot hate our way to love. Regardless of our political differences, our views on walls or abortion, on who’s right and who’s wrong, we are together. Like it or not, we have to solve our problems together. We have to find our way to let go of our judgment of each other. And we must remember this:

God is omnipresent. This means everywhere and every time.

If God is, then God is everything.

I am, you are, we are, at-one-with this everything.

It is not possible that any of us can be anything other than at one with God.

If we make the effort to see past our opinions, our thoughts and feelings, we may have the opportunity to see this for ourselves. 

For where God is, anything is possible.

Today I will remember the Allness of God. And I will choose, arbitrarily and in spite of all my ideas to the contrary, to see this Allness in my fellows. Especially those I think would never do the same for me.

Woman on Wall, Veerpur, Uttarakhand, India