The Beautiful Invisible – July 4 2019

The Beautiful Invisible – July 4 2019

[T]here is a profound connection between blindness, abstract thought, poetry, and spiritual wisdom. Homer, the father of all poets, discovered his literary vocation only when he was no longer encumbered with a sense of vision. Democritus, the inventor of the atom, plucked out his eyes to think more clearly. And Chiu-fang Kao, the most experienced of the imperial horse-trainers, could not tell whether a certain horse was a dun-coloured mare or a coal-black stallion: ‘…intent on the inward qualities, he loses sight of the external…He looks at the things he ought to look at, and neglects those that need not be looked at.’

from The Beautiful Invisible:

Creativity, Imagination, and Theoretical Physics 

by Giovanni Vignale

We meditate in order to ground ourselves in the transcendent. The more we are grounded in this place of true Being, the less we are at the mercy of all the seeming ‘problems’ of the relative world, and the more we find ourselves able to follow some inner guidance far more effective and profound than our ability to ‘figure things out’. 

It works in the other direction as well.

If I begin to look past the surface differences between you and me, I will begin to feel compassion, rather than judgment. I will find myself able to love, rather than separate. I will learn how to recognize that transcendent Self in each of you, my brothers and sisters, and I will be able to recognize it more easily in myself. 

There is a Truth that underlies all that we can see. This Truth, when called upon, guides us unerringly in the direction of our highest good, which in turn is the highest good for all. It is our responsibility, each day, to seek this Truth, and to question every thought and feeling that arises that seems to tell me the opposite.

Today I will notice when the voice of judgment arises in my mind, and I will choose to listen for another voice, a deeper voice. I will choose to see through the eyes of compassion and oneness, rather than the eyes of separation and negativity. I will recognize that God is alive in each moment, always available to support me in this direction of unity and love.