The Blissful Supreme is Right Here – May 31 2020

The Blissful Supreme is Right Here – May 31 2020

[T]he blissful supreme is right here–so simple and so clear… You may live in this world and do your duties, earn your livelihood, look after those who need your help, spread the fragrance of love and service, and yet remember to keep in touch with your true Self, the spark from the great fire, the drop from the great ocean, by meditating regularly, so that, in the spotless and clear mirror of your heart, Divinity’s reflection glows. From your heart, then, will the serene rays of the spirit proceed and fill other hearts with bliss.

Sri M, Jewel in the Lotus 


The message of the Veda, repeated in many ways, over and over again, is very clear: 

  • bliss is our birthright, our true nature; 
  • bliss is available to us always, in all situations, at all times; 
  • the facts and situations of life that seem to block us from bliss may be transcended if we so choose; 
  • meditation every day is the way to practice transcending the relative world and its seeming problems, and settling into our true nature; 
  • our job, when not meditating, is to become aware of our true nature in all these other situations, all these other moments of our life; 
  • the thoughts that tell us other than this are the voice of stress release; 
  • becoming aware of these thoughts, we are to let them go, settle into our least-excited state, come to our senses, and be here now.

Simple, profound, not always easy. But always available.

Today I will meditate, twice, and listen to or read the words of someone who knows the truth of existence, that I might begin to choose this experience of bliss for myself.

Tree, LA Wash, Studio City CA