The Conscious Universe – January 27 2020

The Conscious Universe – January 27 2020

Mystery 7: Do we live in a conscious universe?

Answer: Yes. But this won’t make any sense if your notion of a conscious universe is filed with thoughts, sensations, images, and feelings. Those are the contents of the mind. Remove the contents and what remains is pure consciousness, which is silent, unmoving, beyond time and space, yet filled with creative potential. Pure consciousness gives rise to everything, including the human mind. In that sense, we don’t live in a conscious universe the way renters occupy a rental property. We participate in the same consciousness that is the universe.

Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos, You Are the Universe

Meditation, mindfulness, present moment awareness – in addition to bringing us into the world, rather than lost in our thinking, these practices are designed to allow us the experience of pure consciousness. Beyond all thought, imagination, feelings, body sensations; beyond all opinions and ideas, judgments and perceptions; pure, silent consciousness is the underlying truth of what we are.

To know myself as pure consciousness is to be free of all problems, limitations, needs. For if I am at-one-with all that is, there is nothing outside myself to need, no problem without a solution, no thing I might be unable to accomplish. This is enlightenment.

Of course this is speaking to an ideal. And we may not be able to imagine ourselves coming close to such enlightenment. 

But it might be a good thing to remember today when the boss looks at me funny, or the traffic is already crazy by 6 am, or the spouse/child/parent/coworker does that thing they know drives us me the wall, maybe just to see me react. 

It might be a good thing to remember that consciousness is the truth under all this. That love is the flow of consciousness to consciousness, from me to you. And that every situation will be uplifted as I bring my consciousness and love to it.

Today I will remember that deep within me is the fullness of consciousness, that the thoughts and feelings I may have are not the truth of me; and as I know this for myself, I can know it for you. And if we both can know it at the same moment, just imagine what might be possible.

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