The Divine Exists in All Living Beings – July 9 2020

The Divine Exists in All Living Beings – July 9 2020

If a person understands that the divine exists in all living beings, no living beings would be afraid of him nor will he be afraid of any. This is an experience I had with Babaji when it came to snakes and bears. Nothing bothered him because he didn’t intend any harm to them. Animals realize this better than humans.

Sri M


All religions say that God is omnipresent. Vedanta says that Brahman is all that is. Totality.


If this is so, it is not possible that I am separate from That.


If God is every place and every time, it is not possible that you are other than of That.


And yet out in the world, I can find reasons to judge almost anyone. On those days when I have zero cushion, I can give myself permission to treat almost anyone with contempt, with something less than respect.


It’s not that God is watching and I have to be perfect to not fall out of favor, but rather that God is you and I’m telling God, ‘not good enough! Get out of my way! You’re not worthy of my time.’


That’s not the message I want to be giving God. At all. Ever.


Today I will approach every person, every animal, every tree, every blade of grass as if it were an extension of the Divine. As if the whole world was my lover, my daughter, my mother, father, dearest friend, waiting only for me to look on it with love, to embrace it tenderly, to smile together with it simply because we’re alive.

Tamara, tintype, Studio City CA