The Flow of Life – September 28 2019

The Flow of Life – September 28 2019

The flow of life had served as sandpaper that, to a great extent, freed me of myself. Unable to unbind myself from the incessant pull of my psyche, in an act of sheer desperation, I had thrown myself into the arms of life. From that point forward, all I did was my very best to serve what was put in front of me and let go of what it stirred up within me. Joy and pain, success and failure, praise and blame – they all had pulled at what was so deeply rooted within me. The more I let go, the freer I became. It was not my responsibility to find what was minding me; that was life’s job. My responsibility was to willingly let go of whatever was brought up within me.

Michael A. Singer, 

The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection

We have been taught, somehow, to listen almost solely to our thoughts and our feelings, our judgments and opinions, at the expense of not following the flow of life. 

Life is here to teach us and to guide us into the ever-unfolding new. Under all these mental and emotional messages that crowd our awareness is a more-subtle but infinitely more powerful guidance system just waiting for us to become still enough to hear it. And by following it, we find the life that God, consciousness, the universe wants for us. This is the life beyond our dreams. The life of happiness, joy and freedom. We can begin living it today.

Today I will pay attention to something other than the voice of judgment in my head. I will ask of something – Higher Self, God, nature – to show me the next right action, and I will step into the world with the idea of service to something greater than my small self.

Surfers, Lighthouse, Palm Beach, NSW, Australia