The Great Secret – May 1 2020

The Great Secret – May 1 2020

The great secret that illusion hides from us is that we are always connected to the true self, which exists at the level of the soul. The true self drives personal evolution. It sends messages through intuition, insight and imagination. It arranges the best possible outcome for any situation. The closer you come to the true self, the more you can rely completely on consciousness.

Deepak Chopra,

Spiritual Solutions


The Veda does not say that life itself is an illusion. The illusion, rather, is that we are separate from life. The illusion is that there is some locus of control outside ourselves, that there is something we need outside ourselves–for our happiness, for our fulfillment, for our success.


This illusory separation of self from life is the root cause of all our “problems.” If all our problems are caused by this one thing, it would follow that our solution lies in correcting this one thing. So rather than having to solve a myriad of problems every day – how to be intimate, how to find and free our creativity, how to have love, how to be prosperous, how to be happy – all we need, really, is to remember what we are. Cease ignoring what we are.


We are the Self. The True Self. We are the witness to everything, rather than the thoughts and feelings and histories and opinions of everything. We are consciousness. To know ourselves as consciousness is to let go of the fear-based controls of our ego and trust this consciousness that we actually are, deep within.


“It arranges the best possible outcome for any situation.”


We’ve spent long enough trying to negotiate life. It is time to live it. To throw ourselves into the stream of it and trust that where we will end up will be far better than what we ever possibly could imagine for ourselves.


Today I will spend some time in the quiet to contact the truth of my being and, connected to this place deep within, I will throw myself into life, trusting in the process, trusting in the universe, trusting in the truth of what I am.

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