The Hunger for God – November 19 2020

The Hunger for God – November 19 2020

I think all the sadhana [spiritual work] we do is intended to mostly bring about the hunger for God – for that Truth. When that hunger has built up, then God is at your doorstep!

Sri M


Most of us have a list of what could be different in us, in our lives, that would allow us to be happier. If I were younger, if I’d been born at a different time, if I still had him in my life, if I were 10 pounds lighter, if I had thatjob… Our list can be endless. All of these things we want, and if only I had them, then my life would be different.


To ‘want’ is to lack. What if I wanted for nothing? What if everything necessary for a good and happy and joyful life already was here within me, exactly as I am, exactly as my life is?


What if the only thing I lacked was a connection to God, and this feeling of dissatisfaction was simply my hunger for God?


What if I let go of wanting all else and simply allowed myself to be hungry for God?




What if God were omnipresent – every place and every time? What if this were true? Wouldn’t it be the simplest thing ever just to be here where I am, exactly as I am, and know my connection to this omnipresent Truth?


Today, when I have the thought that ‘I’ll be happy as soon as…’ or ‘I’d be okay if only…’, I will bring my attention out of my thinking and into the moment, into the sensual experience of the here and now, and ask myself if there is any chance that omnipresent God is not here with me.

Green Apples, Frederick County, MD