The Innate Silence of the Mind – April 28 2020

The Innate Silence of the Mind – April 28 2020

We take subjectivity for granted. We take the Field for granted. We take consciousness for granted… [Yet] this is what we are. We ignore what we are in return for focusing on that which we are not. At this very instant, 99% of your mind is silent… The reason you don’t notice it is because you’re focused on the 1% that’s noisy. It’s like you have a vast amphitheatre–let’s take a great ballpark that seats forty, a hundred thousand people. Nobody’s there, middle of the night, but over in the corner there’s one little tiny transistor radio, one four-inch TV, and that’s what you’re focused on… You think this is where the action is, you’re focused on the little tiny thing of the moment attracting your attention. Because attention is focused here, you think that’s what your mind is. That’s not what your mind is. Your mind is the Absolute Silence. If your mind wasn’t silent, you wouldn’t know what you were thinking about. If it wasn’t for the silence in the woods, you couldn’t hear any noise. How could you hear a bird sing? It’s only against the background of silence. It’s only against the background of the innate silence of the mind that you can witness what the mind is thinking about. At that realization you call it ‘it’ instead of ‘me’. It’s not what my mind is thinking about, it’s what it is thinking about.

Dr. David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.,

The Highest Level of Enlightenment


Life is beautiful and is meant to be lived fully. There are no problems, merely opportunities for growth and discovery. Each day, each relationship, every experience is a playground for discovering the truth of life, the presence of God, the joy that I am at-one-with All that Is.


If I had read the above paragraph ten years ago, I might have thrown the book across the room. What do you mean, ‘no problems!’ Have you looked around? Are you awake? Are you out of your mind?”


And that’s just for starters. Then we have the personal experience of someone with a mind like I once had: “Fine for you to say. You don’t know what it’s like to be me. You don’t know what it feels like to be in this head. You don’t know how hard it is just to show up in life when you’re filled with so much darkness and despair!”


Then I learned a meditation that actually worked for me, that gave me an experience of myself as something other than the mind. For the first time ever I felt free from the guilt and shame and self-denigration that made up most of my thinking. Without knowing it, I had set foot on the path to what recovery programs call ‘freedom from the bondage of self.’


I am not the mind. I am something other than the mind. I am not these thoughts. I am something other than these thoughts. What am I? As Dr. Hawkins states above, I am the silence behind the thoughts. I am the witness to the thoughts. To read this is one thing. To have the experience of it is another thing entirely.


As I know myself more and more as this silence, I am less and less at the mercy of these thoughts. The less I am identified with the thoughts, the more I am able to experience the truth that:


Life is beautiful and is meant to be lived fully. There are no problems, merely opportunities for growth and discovery.


Today I will listen for the silence beyond my thinking. I will bring my attention to the world, rather than to my thoughts and opinions about the world. I will ask a friend how they’re doing, and listen to what they have to say, rather than my thoughts about what they have to say.

Still life, ambrotype, Studio City, CA