The Insistence on Finding the Truth – January 16 2020

The Insistence on Finding the Truth – January 16 2020

The insistence is on finding the truth – going towards the truth. That word, Truth is such an important word. So, in this pilgrimage of life too, stick to the truth as far as possible, especially on this journey because we live in a world where everything is a lie. Advertisements that we are exposed to in everyday life are lies, untruths or half-truths. This is the world we live in!

Sri M

Truth, in terms of the Veda, is that which never changes. What is it that never changes? The field of consciousness that underlies all that is; the place of spirit we encounter when we allow ourselves the grace and time to meditate. We move toward this truth each time we meditate. And outside of meditation, we remember that the truth of me is also the truth of everyone else I encounter, of every place I am, of every moment in this life. This truth underlies the whole of what is, and the more I know this for myself, and for you, the better our lives can be.

Today I will look past the habitual thoughts and feelings that tell me who and what I am or am not, and I will know myself as the underlying truth of all that is. I will remember, whether I can feel it in this moment or not, that the truth of me is spirit.

Sri M at Dhuni, Badrinath, Uttarakhand India