The Light of a Thousand Suns – June 18 2020

The Light of a Thousand Suns – June 18 2020

Were a thousand suns to light up the sky,

still they could not match the light of absolute consciousness.

Bhagavad Gita, Ch. 11, vs. 12


Life, as defined by Vedanta – which includes the Bhagavad Gita – says that consciousness is the truth of us; that consciousness constrained itself, made itself small enough to become embodied, solely for the purpose of remembering the truth of itself even as it lives out the experiences of these billions of lifetimes we call humanity.


The truth of you and the truth of me is this thing, consciousness. To the extent that we can know this truth as ourselves, and live this truth as ourselves, to that extent we may be able to express from this truth and its expansiveness, rather from our small selves. Even a hint of ‘the light of absolute consciousness’ would be enough to transform our experience of life absolutely.


Today I will take my attention away from the never-ending thoughts of lack and limitation that stream through the mind, and place it instead on the ever-unfolding now and the possibility of miracles.

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