The Man Who Thinks “I Don’t Know” – February 13 2020

The Man Who Thinks “I Don’t Know” – February 13 2020

A man who says he knows is already dead. But the man who thinks “I don’t know,” who is discovering, finding out, who is not seeking an end, not thinking in terms of arriving or becoming – such a man is living, and that living is truth.

J. Krishnamurti, To Be Human

The ego of me wants to know. In every situation. To know how to do it, to know what ‘they’ want, what they think of me. To know who will win and who will lose. How it’s all going to go. In a word, the ego wants to know it will remain safe. This is its nature, which is the nature of the animal of me.

To step into the unknown again and again, with each breath, is to be aligned with a deeper truth than the ego can even fathom. In the ever-unfolding now, each moment is new, each moment an opportunity for discovery. What is there to discover? If I said I knew, I’d kinda be missing the point, wouldn’t I?

This world is our playground, our challenge, our classroom. We go through this life to learn the truth of our being, the truth of the world at large. How do I know I’ve reached the truth? If I’m still in a body, there’s probably something else still to learn. May I always stay awake and open to that next discovery.

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