The Morning After – December 26 2019

The Morning After – December 26 2019

Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.

Mahatma Gandhi

Christmas has come and gone. Some of us have spent too much money, or eaten too much, or drunk too much. Some of us maybe have been over-zealous in our familial communications, perhaps saying things that don’t bear saying, speaking truths, but not sweet truths, or trying to be loving and kind but failing.

Or perhaps we have just come through a holiday unlike any we’ve ever had before. Perhaps we have found it within ourselves to give without thought of return, to love unconditionally, to let long-standing resentments melt away, allowing others to approach us who have not been able to do so for years. Perhaps we went beyond what we thought we were capable of.

Perhaps we have had a Christmas that contained a little bit of both; a day where we came up short in one area, but showed up for ourselves like heroes in another area.

Or perhaps it feels more like we just survived the day.

In any case, today is a new day. We are new people. This morning is an opportunity to be who we would like to be, rather than who someone else would like us to be. This morning is an opportunity to let go of judgment and recrimination, to let go of ideas of who was right and who was wrong, let go of all our scorecards, personal to us or about our world, and start fresh, knowing that the truth that underlies everything is love. Knowing that the truth that stands waiting always behind our shortcomings is perfection. Knowing that the truth of the universe stands waiting to reveal itself to us as soon as we choose to look for it.

What is this truth? Oneness, love, perfection, God. Nature. The highest we can imagine and beyond. Whichever name works for you. It’s available today. All we need do is let go of any idea that says differently, that says darkness and separation. 

For in truth, there is no darkness. There is only that which has not yet been exposed to the light.

When we let go of that which shadows us, we allow ourselves to live in the light.

Today I will insist on knowing myself as the light of life and let myself shine – in my world and in yours.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Christmas Evening, Paris, France