The Morning After – December 26 2020

The Morning After – December 26 2020

Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.
Mahatma Gandhi
We all have just come through a holiday unlike any we’ve ever had before. The world might feel different than it has in holidays from our past.

We may have been able to find gratitude for things as they are’ or we may resent that things have not been ‘normal,’ and have been looking for someone or something to blame. A political party, a social group. God, fate, the world.

We may have struggled to keep our attitude positive, to keep up our daily spiritual practice. We may think we have come up short in some way, or that someone in our world has let us down.

No matter our experience, today is a new day. This morning is an opportunity to let go of judgment and recrimination – of ourselves or others – to let go of ideas of who was right and who was wrong, of what is right and what is wrong, and start fresh, knowing that the truth that underlies everything is love. Knowing that the truth that stands waiting always behind our shortcomings is perfection. Knowing that the truth of the universe stands waiting to reveal itself to us as soon as we choose to look for it.
This truth is oneness, love, perfection, God, nature. The highest we can imagine and beyond. Whichever name works for you. It’s available today. All we need do is let go of any idea that says differently, that says darkness and separation is the truth, and anything else is wishful thinking.

But in the realm of spirit, darkness is not a reality. It is simply a place where light has not yet been shown. And when we let go of that which shadows us, we allow ourselves to live in the light and we shine that light on everything and everyone around us.

To even bring one small portion of that light into this day is to do the work of the divine. Imagine if all of us decided to try this at once.
Today I will insist on knowing myself as the light of life and let myself shine – in my world and in yours.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Christmas Evening 2015, Paris, France