The Power of Spiritual Intention – November 13 2020

The Power of Spiritual Intention – November 13 2020

People who think they’re in the ordinary world of causality think that what they are, is the product of their past. No. The reality is that it’s the potentiality of what you’ve chosen to become that is pulling you into the present. So anybody listening to a program like this–it’s not because of what you’ve been in the past that’s pushing you up to this point. On the contrary. It’s that you’ve elected to be that which is beyond this point that is pulling you through this point. It’s because you’ve chosen already by spiritual intention. So, you’ll say ‘what’s karma about.’ Well, karma is just the automatic energy consequent of spiritual intention and spiritual decision. Every decision you make affects [your] karma.


It starts first as curiosity perhaps, or hearsay. Next thing you know they find themselves automatically drawn into spiritual growth and spiritual concepts and the desire to understand them and benefit from them. And they begin to realize as they grow, they’re benefitting the world. That which you’re doing is affecting everyone. The whole world benefits from it.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D, 

The Highest Level of Enlightenment (recording)


In today’s world it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all we think we need to manage. Our job, politics, the global pandemic, finances, relationships, business relationships. The health of our children, our parents, our spouses, of ourselves. We’re always trying to arrange things to find happiness. Our happiness, the happiness of those around us, the happiness of the world itself. And we’re almost never successful. If we get one area to behave correctly, another one needs our attention. We find the ‘right’ partner, then we need to make more money. We make enough money, then we need to be more fulfilled in our work. The goalposts keep moving, and we keep trying to reach them.


Then at some point we become interested in spirit. Like Dr. Hawkins says, perhaps we are drawn by curiosity. Perhaps we have a friend or relative whom we have seen change and grow because of spiritual work they are doing, and we’d like that some of that for ourselves. Or perhaps we become so overwhelmed by our life, so beaten down, that we see no way out, other than a miracle. A spiritual solution might look like our only chance.


Our starting point doesn’t actually matter. What does matter is the day to day choice to continue. As we do so, we may find our life becoming more manageable. We may stop trying to change the facts of our life and try instead to change our point of view on those facts. Instead of living solely in ‘the ordinary world of causality,’ we meditate to spend time in the place of pure Being where we are able to know peace, and know that everything is perfect exactly as it is. We may begin to know that our commitment to spiritual growth is the single most powerful thing we can do for the world; for by growing our own consciousness, we affect not only everyone around us, but also the consciousness of the whole. 


As the Veda says, consciousness is all there is. What any one of us does in consciousness affects what every one of us experiences in consciousness. Knowing this, we want to ask ourselves, ‘what am I bringing to consciousness today?’


Today when I find myself with options, I will choose to feed the spiritual rather than the relative. I will choose to grow my connection to the realm of the Divine rather than to the world of objects and sensations. I will choose to see those around me as my brothers and sisters, rather than as my competition.

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