The Presence of the Divine – January 9 2021

The Presence of the Divine – January 9 2021

The Upanishad says that Supreme Truth or Reality is not a thing in the past – it is right Here and Now! Because it is right here, all our acquired knowledge cannot be applied to that Supreme Being. It is not something that you can study, store and remember. It is an immediate Presence here, available all the time!

Sri M


What a strange thing it is to realize what this means. That all of our study and seeking and thinking cannot bring us to an experience of the Divine. Even prayer, usually a ‘reaching out for’ cannot bring us to this experience. Even reading this. Though it is a reminder. And all these can help, and all must be practiced. 


But it is only in the here and now of it that we might experience this Presence. 


“It is an immediate Presence here,” exactly where I am; “available all the time!” Now. And Now. And Now.


It is this that we can remember when we find ourselves sliding down into the darkness of speculation and despair. Things will not be okay ‘as soon as…’ something/anything changes. ‘Things’ are okay now. In the sense that God is available now. And if I have access to God, if I am in the presence of God, I can’t help but know what to do next so that the ‘okayness’ of things can be seen.


Today I will find the time to be with myself, my surroundings and my fellows, exactly where I am, without comparison or thought of what or who or how things should or could be different. When I find myself falling into anger, sorrow or despair, I will stop, get present, and invite myself to imagine how it might feel to be held by the divine now, in this moment.

Neelkanth Mountain, from Badrinath the Himalayas, Uttarakhand, India