The Purity of Consciousness – April 24 2020

The Purity of Consciousness – April 24 2020

The universe is programmed to manifest, through you, the highest possibilities for your creativity and joy. And that never, ever changes. In God’s Mind you are never too old; in God’s Mind you are never inadequate; in God’s Mind you are not your resume or your failures. In God’s Mind, there is no mistake that you are not given the opportunity to correct, nor anything anyone did to you that cannot be compensated for when you forgive and move on.


Nothing about your material circumstances has the power to stop the engine of cosmic intention that you be blessed. And you are blessed “eternally,” which means moment after moment after moment. In any instant, regardless of what has happened in the past, the universe has arranged and is continuing to arrange infinite possibilities for you to prosper. If you cannot see this now–if despair and anxiety hang like a veil before your eyes, preventing you from mustering any faith in God at all–then in this moment lean on mine. One mind joined with another, regardless of their position in time or space, can remove whatever chains would bind us and deliver us to that sweet, sweet realm where things come full circle and there is always a chance to begin again.

Marianne Williamson,

The Law of Divine Compensation


The Truth of the universe is oneness. Whole, complete, undivided. This oneness is consciousness. Consciousness is purity itself, unblemished and untouched by anything in the relative world. 


I am this oneness. I am this purity. If there is only oneness, this must be true.


We may see this purity as light, as if everything is of the light, everything is the light, and where there appears to be darkness is only a place where our perception is shadowed. Or we may see it as love–that love is the flow of life, love is the only truth of life, and where there appears to be something other than love is only a place where our perception has not yet grown full enough to experience the love that is there. Because again, the Truth of the universe is oneness. If love exists, it must be of the oneness, and the oneness must be of it. And if light exists, it must be everything, and if it is everything then there is no place where it is not.


So if today I seem to see in myself darkness and lack of the flow of love, I have a choice: to build a case for why I deserve this to be my truth, or to recognize it as merely a mistake in my ability to see.


I can believe in light, or I can believe in darkness. I can’t believe in both.


Today I will choose to believe in the light, and if I have trouble allowing this belief to guide me, I will call upon the belief held by those who have gone before me to lift me up, the better to see.

Flowers, Fryman Canyon, Studio City, CA