The Razor’s Edge – July 14 2020

The Razor’s Edge – July 14 2020

The other thing about spiritual work that people don’t understand, it’s not just a sporadic thing you do now and then. When you decide to go for it, you’re on the edge of the knife and you cannot stop. This is it. You let go and surrender everything. Every tone as it arises is let go of. You’re not going to sit back and enjoy the melody of the symphony. Because as the note arises, you’ve already let it go. You would have to hold it to compare it to the other notes in order to get music out of it. You’re going to hear the sound, the tone, but you’re not going to hear the music.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.


We are drawn to meditation to improve the quality of our life, lessen our anxiety, help us to find peace, comfort and ease; or to help us be more productive, more creative, more fruitful; to help us be more present in life, more loving and kind – more of the best we can be. Most meditators report that indeed, many of these gifts are available, and often, things begin to change within the first few weeks of learning the practice. And most say that there are even more of these gifts to be received as we continue meditating.


Eventually, though, whether in this life or in another, a realization will occur that there is nothing that matters other than the need to know the truth of oneself, the truth of life – the need to experience one’s connection to the divine. 


When this realization occurs, then the real work begins. 


It doesn’t mean we stop being of the world, or that we stop creating, working, having lives. But our intention changes. As Dr. Hawkins says above, it’s not about enjoying the symphony. It’s about being fully with each note till it’s over, then letting it go, again and again and again. 


Why? Because it’s what Consciousness wants of Itself. 


It is the nature of consciousness to return to its source. We are consciousness. Our deepest nature calls us to itself


We know this is Truth how we feel when we’re able to catch a glimpse of it. 


Dr. Hawkins says further:


It isn’t just the love of God, it’s the joy which is the love of God manifests within yourself as the joy of spiritual work. The real energy that gets you going and keeps you going is the joy of spiritual work itself. Each instant is the source of its own joy, so you have no need for anything out in the world. Joy arises from the awareness of the divinity of your existence in this moment. Therefore, as you walk the edge of the knife, you’re outside of time. Time is irrelevant when you’re on a tightrope. Time, space, all the stuff that the mind usually plays with is no longer relevant. You’re just fixed. One-pointedness of mind. [It’s] a fixity of intention. It gets its energy from the surrender, the devotion to the joy of the presence of God.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph. D.



Today I will surrender myself fully to each moment that I may experience the joy of my existence in the presence of God.

Jacaranda Tree, Studio City CA