The Real You – August 21 2020

The Real You – August 21 2020

You are the consciousness which is the witness of all the drama, watching in amusement as the ego plays its games and dons different masks at different times. The real you is that ever-blissful, unchanging, blessed consciousness.

Sri M


There is the real me. And there is the me I mistake myself to be, again and again. Whenever I tell myself I don’t deserve to be happy, or that you are somehow not worthy of my respect. Whenever I make choices based in fear rather than in love. Whenever I choose to withdraw from life rather than to step forward into the next new moment. Whenever I let the pressure of these strange and trying times define me, rather than to insist on remembering the real me that I am, that I know myself as in my finest moments, that I feel calling to me even in the darkest of times, that I settle into each time I sit down to let the mantra guide me there.


Today I will remember with gratitude what a great gift I offer the world, and myself, each time I step out of ‘ego games’ and into the great reality of consciousness.

Bud Powell’s couch, Studio City CA